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Hi Stephen,

Wireless routers seem to fall into 2 categories with respect to multicast traffic.

Type 1)
Most routers don’t really understand multicast and where to route it, so they just broadcast the traffic out of all ports simultaneously. This has a high overhead.

Type 2)
Does understand IP multicast, the standards to look for are IGMP V1 / V2. Every time a MixPad wants to start listening to multicast metering it “joins” a multicast group. IGMP compliant routers query and listen for group membership information and only send data to connections which need it. This lowers the overhead on the router.

From looking around the market there aren’t many Type 2 models out there. We’ve tested some that claim to be compliant, that actually have partial or broken implementations.

When you go and buy a new router, if it doesn’t mention IGMP or multicast, its probably a type 1. This is fine, but it needs to have enough horsepower to deal with replicating and sending all the metering traffic, and there is no standard for that!

Best advise is to look for a high end consumer unit that mentions media streaming.

If you want to go pro, you could give someone like Cisco sales a call but while most of their units I’m sure would cope with the traffic, most are not 802.11N, and you’ll pay double!

Perhaps someone could start a iPad hardware thread and share information about success and failure with different router hardware vendors ?

Hope this helps.