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Thanks for the breakdown.

I am curious if there are other features of this Belkin Router which attracted you all to it in the first place?

Primarily when I think of professional network equipment Belkin is near the bottom of my list, so I was wondering how you landed on it?

I have read some reports that people are having issues with Apple’s Bonjour service and this router. This worries me because bonjour is a multicast service as well. Obviously you are stating that you have tested this and it works well (this could also be a firmware issue on the other users parts) so I dont doubt you on that, just found it interesting.

Besides supporting multicast and having the power on board to deal with it effectively are there other specs we might look at in a router for better MixPad performance?

I have been using Apple Airport Extremes so far and seem to be getting really good results, as I am sure their multicast support is pretty strong considering Apple’s reliance on Bonjour for so much of its devices communications.

To that extent if there are multiple devices on the network broadcasting multicast signals can/will this bog down the routers?

Thanks again for the info and support you guys are amazing and I am loving the MixPad so far really makes things fun.

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