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yep downloading it again did it…thanks
now a question from a ipad newbie: is there a setting where apps actually close when i close it? (not just hidden?)


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Dave, you tried closing all other apps right (double click the button, that opens your dock at the bottom, hold an icon until it wobbles, close everything but MixPad) – sorry if im stating the obvious (no offense intended)!!!
The other option is to delete it and redownload (direct to your iPad, not via iTunes) – maybe you just got a dodgy download?
I’ve done the off/on settings trick and now have the RTA & meters running beautifully – looking forward to my first gig with it tomorrow!
UPDATE – just got home from my gig; managed to get through the show without once turning on the laptop (although it was a very simple show!!!), so that was a nice first outing for the app! Didn’t hurt that I got to sit with the caterers and chow down for most of the show (like I said it was a VERY simple show)!

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