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Originally posted by dgarman

Thanks for the responce Ray. What you propose would work except I need to delay LR not the ambient mic at FOH. LR is around 75 msec ahead of FOH ambient.

LR -> mono matrix for main PA

LR -> mono matrix (75 msec delay) for FOH Fill monitors

LR -> stereo matrix (75 msec delay) + FOH ambient for recording

I have the first two (and several other sends as this is a church) but number three has got me stuck.

The only path LR can go is a matrix and if I apply a delay to the matrix it would apply a delay to the ambient also. I believe I am have to do a separate stereo aux with a delay and I use a stereo matrix to mix that with my ambient FOH in a mono aux (as a matrix can’t see a channel). This way I have allocated 3 extra buses just to add a FOH ambient.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for listening,

Dan Garman
iDR48/T112; MMO; iDR-OUT

Although I would not delay the actual mon and FOH mixes……

It will work either way if you use groups to matrix………….add your delay to the groups not matrixes ….and use a group for the L-R stuff that needs to be delayed….send the ambient mic. directly the L-R ->matrixes…..But, assuming you are recording a multitrack mix, you may want to consider adding delay only to your “recording” feeds…i.e.L-R delayed .ambient mic no delay etc…..that way, you don’t “mess” up the live audio……or you should at least delay after the mon and FOH mixes…..just for the recording……make yourself recording groups…….to a recording matrix….all of these are still cheaper and will degrade the sound less than using external gear……..