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Thanks for the responce Ray. What you propose would work except I need to delay LR not the ambient mic at FOH. LR is around 75 msec ahead of FOH ambient.

LR -> mono matrix for main PA

LR -> mono matrix (75 msec delay) for FOH Fill monitors

LR -> stereo matrix (75 msec delay) + FOH ambient for recording

I have the first two (and several other sends as this is a church) but number three has got me stuck.

The only path LR can go is a matrix and if I apply a delay to the matrix it would apply a delay to the ambient also. I believe I am have to do a separate stereo aux with a delay and I use a stereo matrix to mix that with my ambient FOH in a mono aux (as a matrix can’t see a channel). This way I have allocated 3 extra buses just to add a FOH ambient.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for listening,

Dan Garman
iDR48/T112; MMO; iDR-OUT