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There are dedicated wedge & iem sends for the engineer, while I’ve never tried to remove them as I understand they are a fixed part of the setup (you can however choose whether or not to have processing on those channels as far as I’m aware).

I think this is what’s going here. I assumed “Wedge” was just their nomenclature for a non-IEM monitor “send.” It appears that the name of this specific engineer’s wedge/monitor mix is not editable.


Baytonemus, I’m only running editor to my iDR, but ‘strip’ mode for my setup is where you can configure the positions and layers of whatever channel strips you want on your surface (i.e. choosing to put groups and DCAs on the left hand layer 1 etc) – is this what you mean?

I think what I’m really trying to learn is how the terms “channel” and “strip” are being used. Are channels what exist on the mix rack and strips the positions into which they are loaded on the surface?

iLive T-112 & iDR-48