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I’m just experimenting and trying to familiarize myself with everything but have run into what seems like bug. I changed one of the DCA masters in the default setup to a mono wedge and then tried to rename it. It says “Wedge” on the channel LCD but when I push the channel select button and then the “Name and Colour” button, the touch screen will not let me access the renaming page. I can select a different channel and get to the renaming screen and then hit the wedge channel select button and get in. However, when I do that the name field shows only one space (blank) character. I can punch in characters but hitting “Apply” doesn’t update anything, and when I leave that screen it still says “Wedge” on the channel.

I have not yet installed the 1.80 firmware update and am running 1.71 that the unit shipped with.

One last question: What is the difference between “Strip Select” and “Channel Select” in Channel Selection Mode?


iLive T-112 & iDR-48

from iLive pdf:

Strip Select / Single Strip Select – Press a strip SEL key.
Touch Name to open the on-screen keypad. Touch Colour to
select a colour. Touch Apply.

Strip Select / Block Strip Select – Press the first SEL key
then the last in the range you want to colour. All green SEL
indicators in the range light. Touch Colour to select the
colour. Touch Apply.

Note – Naming is disabled in Block mode.

Channel Select – Select Channel Type and the range. Select
Colour and press Apply.

NoteTo restore the SEL keys to normal mixing mode
turn off the NAME & COLOUR key.

Touch Reset to delete the name and restore the channel