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I am new to the system and have run into a routing roadblock. I am running LR from channels. I am taking a mono matrix off of this for mono FOH. I planned to use a stero matrix to generate a stereo recording but I want to add a FOH ambient mic with a delayed LR mix. I an now doing this externally with a dedicated delay and second mixer. It seem I need to send a matrix to a matrix and I believe that is not supported. Any thoughts? I realy don’t want to create a second mix with a stereo aux but I know that would work.


Dan Garman
iDR48/T112; MMO; iDR-OUT

One way to do this would be adding a group>matrix for the delayed mix..so matrix L-R recording would have the L-R main + ambient mic from grp ….FOH would have mono matrix feed only……as you pointed out you could also create a st aux and rec from there…..still better than using outboard equipment….imho

hope that helps