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Hi Gary,
I’m using the 16gb iPad, but memory issues usually are about processor memory not storage, so I don’t think that is the issue (I’ve cleared 5gb of space recently, so it’s certainly not full). As mentioned earlier if you clear all the background apps on the task switcher it does seem to run better. Also a reboot of the hardware after you initially install it would be a good idea (it seems to help with lots of intensive apps).
As with any touch driven tablet, if you bump something you may very well change it, but you do actually have to touch the fader itself (not just the general area of the fader) to get it moving, so it’s just a matter of being careful (the same way you wouldn’t lean on the faders on an analogue desk).
The new iPad rumour mill has been going around what sort of stuff will be on board – so far as I can see the only possible benefit would be if they put a faster processor in (which most pundits say won’t happen this time around) – really stuff like SD card slots & cameras is window dressing for a pro user.

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