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Originally posted by VOLCANOJEFF

It sounds like a couple of you guys are now playing with the app. For those of us yet to see or play with it a question:

Would you think it be possible with the Ipad and App to run as personal monitor mixes for stage use in say a worship environment? If so how limited on the number of Ipads running for how many musicians could be set up to run different mixes?

I am sure this would be one of those maybe yet to be determined things but It would be interesting if say a 6 musician band could set up their I-pads and actually control their own monitor mixes—-or is the app that far advanced that it would allow for a way to keep musician”a” from playing with musician”b” and his mix or the “foh” as far as that goes.
Any good way of locking the App on a particular Ipad to a particular set of channels and output?

Thanks for the contiunued learning, input and teaching on the forum!!!!

Jeff Flowers


Hi Jeff – if you were to set up custom strips & have just that musicians aux send on the strip (and they can take orders and not mess with it!) you could just select their mix & hide the rest of the mixes – not sure if you can lock it that way, but as ling as they don’t double tap another channel they should be safe.
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