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There is a mono template…..in “mixer config”
manuals here: https://www.allen-heath.com/ilive/downloads/documents

I’m not seeing that on the linked page. Is it maybe included in another document that has been renamed?


I think the best iLive tip would be save your mixer config , patch etc..in the first scene “save all” then save that show…use other scenes to change/update only parameters that need to be changed…..

as far as terminology …..scenes =snapshots!

secrets.: got my mon guy to connect to “mixrack only” while I connect to “surface and mixrack” keeps independent paths should one of us go down…….wi fi control is great……

Meaning that your monitor guide is using the iLive Editor via WiFi? You have to patch the surface to the rack with a cable, don’t you?

Thanks for the other tips!

iLive T-112 & iDR-48

Again……manuals are here :https://www.allen-heath.com/ilive/downloads/documents

in the “mixer config” page there is an option to chose M(ono) instead of L-R etc….

Monitor guy is using ILive in wi fi mode…..no cables from his editor…of course rack is wired to my surface (using ACE) and wi fi router is wired (cat 5) to the mixrack……but he doesn’t use the surface and ……the surface cam be used as a simple controller without audio going to it if need be…….(no pfl and no local i/0 but control only )

And if you want to run iPad app (mixpad) you will need to update to 1.80 and OS 10.5.8