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On the page he referenced is part 2 which explains the firmware used to control an ilive system. Essentially that’s all there is to an iLive system the hardware and the firmware. Also if you haven’t already done so, downloading and playing with just the editor software helped me a lot. At least I assume it has. I’ll find out for sure once we get our system. But essentially you can tweak and try whatever without a chance of messing something up. If something goes awry you can simply close the editor and start over lol.

And yes the surface has to connect via cable. Apparently the data stream between the two is running just under 100 Mbps and Wifi is usually rated at 54 Mbps. There is a thread somewhere talking about it. Also we plan to do something similar. We’ll have a wi-fi router hooked up and laptop running the editor to make monitor adjustments from the stage. :)

Oh and great thread idea. Lets keep the ideas going. This is a great way to learn. ;)