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Firmware is on 1.8. I can connect with editor as well. I also just now got an error that MixPad used up all the iPad’s memory. It closed the app restarted it. I have tried two different routers, reinstalling the app, rebooting the iPad, and connecting to another mixrack that also has 1.8. . . out of ideas. . . still waiting on a call back from tech support. . .

I’ve had that memory warning a few times too – I’ve also found it crashes a bit to start with, seems to run much better if you make sure you close all the background programs. Teething bugs I guess.

PS +1 on Ray’s post – I think there’ll be a lot of people seriously considering the ‘no-surface’ option with an app this powerful, and the PL surfaces are practically dead in the water as far as musician friendly personal mixers go, so it doesn’t seem such a high price to pay to keep A&H producing top quality kit.
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