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@ Wouter: exactly. I don’t think it’s right to charge for the iPad app. The Editor software is free, iTweak is free, the equipment itself is not cheap. The Yamaha M7CL Stagemix is free, and the 01V96 is €12.

I am NOT a cheap arse in any respect: I think this should be free and part of the package, and I am not, in any way, impressed. We would need more than one copy of this, (probably 4) and I think it’s bang out of order to have to pay €320 for this app.


As styler1982 mentioned (and some others )the mixpad is essentially a control surface in itself……….it cannot be compared to yamaha’s app…………..it can be totally configured independently form the console’s surface, use custom layers and, function as a standalone controller. With a yam you need a m7, with an ilive you only need a mixrack! that alone is worth the price of admission…..and, considering that with this app, A&H has definitely put a dent in the sale of their own products namely PL units and R-72s surfaces……I think it’s a fair price for what it is…..a very enviable package as far as other manuf are concerned……..and much of this for less than an Ls9 (no app for that though)…..