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Originally posted by Gerger

All works fine with this controller, but now i have found a bug on 1.80 editor:

If i will change the panorama of a channel on midi controller, then the editor will recognize this and will change the PAN icon of this channel – this is OK. Also the “Midi In Indicator” on editor (on the right side on the bottom of the editor) is going on.
But if i will change panorama on any channel on editor, then the editor will not send out any values to the midi device. The “Midi Out Indicator” on editor is not showing any action and the midi controller will not recognize anything.

Update: I could swear i saw this working… but now I have the same problem…


I’m using the BCF2000 and an old Fostex VM200 as controllers, with great succes! (THANKS A&H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I also saw that pan settings are part of the “sends and routing” part of a scene, which I don’t include by default when I’m setting up scenes because I want my routings to be “scene safe”.

Well, we’re getting there bit by bit, this upgrade is definitely a huuuuge step forward… :-)

I would love to have the possibility to activate “channel select” buttons via midi.


My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!