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Hi A&H,

In Belgium I’ve spoken to some people from Belgian theatres and PA companies that were interested in the iLive series for reasons of the flexibility of steering a mix over Wifi, having the mixer on scene, the sound and definitely being able to save mixes and set-ups to scenes. But when they see the complexity (no multi-update on scenes, no paste multiple etc etc), the risks involved in the current scene management (it’s soooo easy to update the wrong scene) and the limitations (no scene fading) then I notice a lot of reluctance.

I may not be the most sexy part of the mixer to develop, but please see how important this is. It’s faaaaaar more important than a speaker matrix processor for instance, since most sound companies and theatres consider this as a part of the PA system and in fixed installations it’s hardly ever touched at all.


Thanks for implementing scene auto-advance but….
I think the scene auto-advance could be implemented in a better way!

Now it recalls the highlighted scene and then highlights the next one. Every update you want to do this way will update the wrong scene as the next one is already highlighted.

My proposal:

Auto-advance should happen right before the recall (but this is still not ideal as it’s confusing, therefore the alternative below)
BETTER: TWO HIGHLIGHTS or indicators should be created, one to show the active scene (the one that will be updated when pressing update and the by default shows the scene that was last recalled!!!!) AND a different highlight or an indicator to show the one that’s up for RECALL.

I would prefer the highlight for the ACTIVE scene (the one that was last recalled and the one that will be updated when pressing update)

AND a possibility to EXCLUDE certain scenes from this highlight after recall behaviour (replace it with another kind of confirmation but leave the highlight where it is) for what I would call TECHNICAL scenes (set-up scenes, scenes where only strip changes or Planet-configurations change). Otherwise we’ll soon be stuck! Functional, if you would exclude a scene from highlight behaviour, then the auto-advance on recall should put the recall indicator still on the first non-empty scene after the highlighted scene, which will still be the scene that was highlighted before the recall of the excluded scene. Doing it that way, the scene list progression will remain intact even if people decide to use some scenes just to change the lay-out of their surface for instance.

For the scene that’s up for recall I would like an indicator instead of the highlight. That way the user would also get a VISUAL indication that a scene recall has succeeded because the scene will then be highlighted after the recall. (I’ve had some problems with the editor not responding to my recall request for that matter, I could only hear it and not see it)

This would be a major improvement to the scene management system.

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please…

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!

+1 on the scene management …….. it is dismal at best, I would certainly not want to have to do theatre in its present state……..I don’t know how many times I inadvertently updated the wrong scene………scene fading/timed recall has been an integral part of digital consoles at least since the introduction of the venerable 02R.more than 20 yrs ago…….! while I can appreciate that some of the features implemented in 1.8 have been in the works for sometime there is some urgency here to get the system on par with its competitors……digico and avid consoles have very usable scene management schemes, and both have provisions for external plug ins……the yamahas have the dante and the ipad app……and we get……… a speaker processor???

There is not one instance of a rental or installed system where I would be required to have my own system processor…. especially with the likes of Galileos, Lake contours, soundwebs DN9848 etc.. out there