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Speaker processor will do all the way to a 5 way system, not just a two way.

How? As I see it you can send up to 5 outputs + up to 2 sub feeds but the 5 outputs are just HP filtered only aren’t they? I don’t see how to frequency band limit them further to do mids/highs etc – other than using another FX Matrix unit to split further. This is because the only Low Pass Filters I can find are in the Sub path which has > two outputs. As I see it each unit is a two channel (or 2 + 1) input/two way split with the high pass outputs going to a matrix that feeds up to 5 outputs. So to do a stereo three way you will need two instances of the Fx Matrix – one to split out to subs, and another to do stereo mids/highs. And you still don’t have individual comps/limiters on each output so not all that good as a speaker processor replacement. PLEASE – correct me if I’m all wrong on this!!

Like this:
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