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Originally posted by lederkaes

I´m really happy with my brand new MixRack iDR32, but I got one problem.

I routed a Input Channel to an Mono AUX, and I didn´t want the compressor to effect on the aux.

So I right clicked in the editor AUX strip-> Routing -> AUX Send Source an selected “Post PreAmp”.

But the compressor was still active in the AUX???? The gate also.

I recalled a new empty template show and did the same – now the compressor wasn´t active in AUX but still the gate.

Please help me – what´s my failure?

Everything else works really fine and exactly the way I wish, except this thing with the AUX send source.

Gear: iDR32, MacBook Pro;

My english is not so good, please ask if anything should be explained not good enough.

Thanks a lot!

technically you are doing the proper actions……are you saving this to a scene or show file and that’s when you have the problem?