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I was hoping it would be more around the £50 (UK) mark. Not sure how the exchange rates are worked out in iTunes.

Maybe the 99 $’s or £’s is worth it if the iPad app gets regular updates like editor and there is no extra charge for the upgraded version so once your 99 is paid that’s it…

With regards to a promotional discount with a console purchase bugs me cause anyone who would want this app will have purchased some iLive hardware at sometime!

It would be nice to see some info, pics, video of the app on the A&H website.

Actually I’ve changed my mind, just been watching the presonus iPad video on Youtube and it appears its not a dedicated controller app for the Studio Live Desk its an app that can control another PC. Its called iTeleport and it just controls the computer that controls the desk. It would appear that this app could be used to control A&H’s editor in the same way.

Presonus is just an off the shelf app, no cost to them.
Yamaha’s is free but only works with theM7 which is way out of my budget.
A&H’s isn’t free but is dedicated to the mixer and not just a PC controller and can be used on the complete iLive range. The 99 $ or £ is seeming more realistic now!



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