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Originally posted by SSmith162

I believe the issue is resolved. I am able to connect to “Online Surface and Mixrack” with the mixrack alone connected to the router.

That is how it should be!


Originally posted by SSmith162 I can do the same with the surface alone connected to the router, but if I lose power to the surface that loses the connection (obviously) wanting to run editor as a redundant backup it seems will work with only the mixrack connected.

Thank you all for your help.


Sean, there seems to be some confusion about your setup……
When physically connected through ACE, both the surface and the mixrack are on a network!!!! if you put the router at the mixrack (that’s a good place) you can have a redundant editor session…..it is strongly suggested in the A&H docs not to use ACE and network connections between surface and mixrack at the same time……so, if you have ACE connected, then that would give you audio and control from the surface .if you only connect through the network ports (not ACE) then your surface has control only, no audio passes to the surface, no dsp is used by the surface i/o………You must remember that ACE is both a network link+audio….so you don’t want that connected twice…..even with a wireless router……The redundant editor backup runs either way, to the surface or to the rack………