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Below is a copy of a post from sometime ago, it maybe of use…

I’d assume this would be a long shot, but I’m wondering if, seeing as how I’m running my iDR32 without a control surface (ie laptop control), and therefore am not using my ACE port, could that port be used to connect the new xDR unit? I’m assuming probably not (that would be too easy!), but if so it would certainly add a world of possibilities to my existing setup.
I’ve got a Uni looking seriously at an iLive system, and this would be a huge selling point for networking their theatres!!!

I’m afraid this configuration will not be possible in 1.8 firmware. You will be able to put a Port B slot in the xDR16 though.

Thanks for your thoughts, i will forward your ideas, what other possibilities were you thinking?

Sam A&H

The tech support guys at the Uni were happy with the idea of laptop/pc control rather than a console, the ability to link off port A would be a big bonus in terms of keeping the cost down more than anything else (no need for an option card at an extra xx$). They have 3 theatres I’m thinking about linking (2 adjacent, one a short distance away) – the xDR units are a godsend for this particular install!
But for my situation I was thinking that being able to use an xDR as a ‘drop box’ in a stage setup, but keep my (coming soon!) Dante card at the iDR rack suits me better as that’s where my computer etc are (for recording). Just wishful thinking really ;)

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