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I have a custom multi cable – Using 50m of Sommer cable SC-Monocat 212 and it’s been great. The cable has 3 x 2.5mm power, 2 x Cat6 and 2 x twisted pairs. This one cable has provided everything I’ve needed at FOH for a variety of events. Power to FOH, iLive ACE connection, the spare Cat 6 I have used for a variety of uses: VGA Video (via suitable break outs), redundant iLive network connection to editor, Dual mixrack (stage mixrack portB to FOH Mixrack),plus I plan to use it for the Dante virtual SC feed to a FOH laptop for recording. The two twisted pair cables I have used for DMX lighting, Line level audio feeds, extra mic inputs from FOH to mixrack (T series has no mic inputs other than talkback),IR control (projectors etc)plus for Comms headset systems. Have had no issues with power interference over the same cable – even when feeding higher current power to delay amps. Cable is 17.7mm outside diameter, 100% shielding and outer case is very tough. Very happy with this cable.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd