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Originally posted by SSmith162

I am using a iLive T-112 and iDR-48. I am trying to get the network settings all worked out and am having the following problem:

If I connect both the surface and mixrack to the router I lose connection between the two. If I connect just one of those items the connection between the two stays.

I am trying to run editor with an “Online Mixrack and Surface” setting, but cannot do that unless both are on the network.

I have set all the ip addresses for the router mixrack and surface to the specs suggested by A&H. I have a cat-5 between the ACE ports on the mixrack and surface, and cat-5 connections from the network port on the surface and the mixrack.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

If this is a wi-fi router connection then ……as both the surface and the mixrack are joined through ACE (as they should) they are both already on the network …….and accessible….I found that ip addresses are best left to the default (at least when you’re troubleshooting a new wireless network with iLive) best to change the ip in the computer(s) although with a mac (pc also perhaps) , as long as the surface and the rack are booted up and running its all done automatically (automatic ip selection) Can you get the editor to communicate at all??