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I think that should work – but risky as you’d be relying on a laptop and it’s external soundcard to stay stable! You would have no easy backup system should it fall over and you will also have the combined latency of the Dante network and the external soundcard.
Perhaps a better solution would be to get something like an XTA NXBoB8/16 or a Lab/Lake LM26 processor/s to drive your amps instead? The XTA units will take Dante inputs and route to 8 or 16 analogue outputs, the LM26 has Dante,analogue and digital inputs (2ch) and 6 analogue or AES outputs so would be a good choice for speaker pocessing as well. The LM26 also has input priority switching so if the Dante signal is lost it can switch to say the XLR analogue inputs > show could go on!

MC2 Audio also do the TiBOB8DX – 8 channel Dante: XLR

Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd