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Hi Clintage


With the example configuration you gave, given that the 2 mixracks would be connected via the MADI cards, would I still have audio output channels available on the MADI to send to third-party equipment that are assignable from the iLive surface (example, I want to send drum channels 1-8, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar to specified outputs channels on the MADI card to go to a third-party personal monitoring system)?

Yes! When sending audio out of the master mixrack via port B you have all 64 PortB channels free to assign.
Link 1 of the MADI card should go to the Slave Mixrack Link1.
Link 2 can either be used for redundancy or to output audio to 3rd party devices. You can also set the Aux BNC to output Port B channels to go to other 3rd party devices.

And yes audio from the surface can be sent directly out of PortB of the Master MixRack too.


And the other question… the remaining DSP channels on the iDR32 (33-64) I could still utilize to process xlr inputs on the 144 surface, correct?

Yes! [:)] All Master MixRack DSP channels (1-64) can directly source any surface input socket.

Sam A&H