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Stealth, thanks for the info. After I read your reply, I went more in-depth with the pdf’s available on the site and I see what you are saying. Sounds like using the MADI card in Port B on a surface RAB2 is a possibility through future firmware releases. Any idea if that could be done and/or will be done?

Here’s a follow-up question regarding trying to make this work with an iDR10:

-iLive144 (with RAB2 M-ACE in port A, and option of MMO in port B)
-iDR10 at stage position with 8 xlr inputs module (64 channels of input), 1 xlr output module, and RAB2 – port A fitted with M-ACE, Port B fitted with MADI
-iDR32 at FoH with Port B fitted with DANTE
(iDR10 and iDR32 running in Dual Mixrack Mode)

Would that work? To have either the MADI or DANTE card in the RAB2 port B slot on the iDR10, and have the other installed on port B on the second mixrack? And could I still have the MMO card installed on the Port B on the surface and have them all available?