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First gig carried out successfully.

I put Logic / Mainstage on minimum latency, and streamed 4 samples (including Ivory) out of Mainstage, whilst simultaneously recording 6 tracks (5 stereo and 1 mono) back into Logic from MADI. There was no noticeable latency in the audio output to the iDR, although I thought I heard a couple of strange digital anomalies, like a reverse gated ‘whoop’. I increased the size of the buffer from 32 to 64 samples, and this appeared to cure this problem.

This gig was only piano and drums, but I was very happy with the performance of the MADI / iDR / Logic system.

We have a much larger gig on Friday, with 2 pianos, drums and 3 brass, so that will prove a tougher test.

Only one negative point: the routing within the iDR. We wanted to set up an extra PL10 for the drummer, for him to control / pre-mix the in-ear monitor mix, through a Stereo Group, but it’s seemingly not possible to assign PL10 rotary faders to this task with the bus set-up we have:

5 x Stereo Groups
2 x Stereo FX
6 x Stereo Aux (for in-ear mix)
0 x Matrix
Main: LR Sub

The only way to get this bus set-up is to lose the ‘sub’ mix, and make an extra Stereo Aux, just for the drum in-ear sub mix.