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Hi Rays


Thanks Stealth, so, R-72 /R-72 , T-80/T-80 etc… ???!!

Yes make sure you match all hardware exactly the same. If you are using a modular iLive system then you must match all modular options e.g. RAB module, option cards, I/O cards etc.


also, with connection to mixrack only, that would be the one to use for Foh/mon application where only one surface at foh would be used……..that would keep both set-ups independent of each other??

Not necessarily You have to remember when running Editor along side a MixRack and surface the Editor is not a completely seperate surface, some parameters are still linked as you are connected to the same MixRack.
You could still connect fully online and use the custom strip layout in Editor to setup your channel layout how you want it. This is alot more flexible as you can have many more layers (Tabs).
any mixrack parameter will still effect both the physical surface and Editor. The main advantage is that in the unlikely case you surface looses connection you can still have control via Editor with Mixrack only mode.

Sam A&H