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You raise some good points in the presentation, but I agree with others here that the content is too complex for the average church member. Keep it to 10 slides or less and don’t too much text/prose in the slides. I would use them as reminders or illustrations, keeping the prose for either for my spoken narration, or to keep on hand as answers to specific questions once I’m done with the presentation.

Our church council is much less interested in fine detail, and most interested in the overview of what we’re struggling with and how what we’re asking for (be it money for new gear, or a new staff member) will solve them. Technology is a difficult area in that we do not want to be the tail that wags the dog, so to speak. This makes “thought leadership” or “provision for the future” a pair of very difficult concepts to get a church to follow along with.

Also – don’t present the computer control option unless you’re really prepared to operate your live system that way. When the powers that be see that a computer costs $1000 or less, and the surface costs $3000 or more, I fear they’ll likely force you down the cheaper route without understanding what that means for those using it.

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