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Hi Rays

Online Surface & MixRack
When you connect Online Surface & MixRack, Editor will be linked in software to the surface and mixrack. Everything you do will be in sync and updated on both the surface and within Editor and all Show and scene recalls will apply settings to both.

MixRack Only
When you connect MixRack Only Editor creates a virtual surface. Editor is not connected in software to the physical surface. This means you must make sure you match the virtual surface hardware setup with the physical surface so that you do not create any compatability issues.
When recalling scenes and shows in Editor some surface settings will only be applied to the virtual surface not the physical surface. When recalling scenes and shows on the touchscreen some surface settings will only be applied to the physical surface and not to the virtual surface within Editor.

Because there is no software connection between an Editor session and the physical surface when in MixRack Only mode, it is possible to make the Editor session fully independant of the physical surface. To do this, the network connection between the Mixrack and the Editor session must not go via the network hub in the surface. If you do this the Editor session will remain connected even if the physical surface is disconnected or switched off.

Sam A&H