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Big disappointment with the MADI set-up … Unacceptable latency, almost certainly in the Mac Pro.

I haven’t measured the latency yet, as we didn’t have enough time, but it was initially in the order of 70 – 100ms, and we got it down to around 40 – 50ms, by tinkering with different sync settings and the internal latency settings in Mainstage.

Had contact with TMAudio, the importer for iLive and RME here in Holland, and they’ll get on to RME in Belgium, to look for a solution.

One thing that the PC users might be able to assist with: the TMAudio guy said that the Windows software had the ability to choose latency. In the manual, it states that there are 8 different buffer sizes, from 0.7 to 93ms. The control software for the HDSPe seems not to have this option, at least with the OSX software. Is this correct, or am I missing something?

We have some time to fix this issue, as we have several fallback solutions, including the MMO card.