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thanks guys!

I know I’ve thought about doing the computer thing as well (get the idr16 or 32 probably), the downfall is that if I’m not there, theres no other computer to do it at this point, thats why I would be thinking of doing the r72….but for getting into the system, still a great idea….I’ve made a few edits to the file since posting it…

What I really wanted to get across is the amount of money that we would actually save compared to an equal analogue system. I know I’ll probably never use 100 inputs any time soon, nor using compressors, gates, and eqs on each channel…but making it so we don’t have to buy more gear later (except another couple of idr’s for remote areas or something…thought about one for a overflow area….)

I know its a big portion of the budget in one shot, but I’m pretty sure we should be able to expand it over a couple of years, which then won’t be too bad at all…This last year we actually raised our budget from 100k to 125k (planned for 25k going to the building fund) and its appears as though we’ll make it quite readily so I’m guessing we’ll probably raise it up again this year…and I’m finally going to get an audio budget for the first time in the churches life…which I’m requesting minimum of 1k (but will take more of course!)…gonna talk a bit about it, bring up what I’ve paid for, etc….we’ll see how that goes….

The pastor and 2 other board members that I’ve discussed quite a bit about this system actually look forward to this as I tell them what it does and such….so theres only about 3/10 of us that I’m actually concerned about trying to convince when the time comes….but we’ll see how that goes…..

Only time will tell….but in the mean time….anyone want to donate an iLive system us? [:D]

Thanks again for the comments!

my iLive setup:
offline editor on mac, demo content on ipod touch