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Before you go further make sure you do a few simple things :

1) as your idr already contains (and boots up in) the last state used, you need to be certain when you overwrite with a new show file….so, in the given show file, save Scene 1 with the option “store all”, that way you will keep a reference of your console’s physical layout as well as assignment…….

2) boot up your editor (pc) while connected to the surface and mixrack, …..before you edit offline………so make the physical connection surface and mixrack ……get that working and then boot up the editor while connected to either one………..save a show in the editor as well as a scene 1 “store all”……there is no need for back and forth transfers between the editor and mixrack through usb keys at this point…..

Be aware that unless you load a different show file in the mixrack, the iDR will boot up in the last state used…….that could possibly mean that its latest state has not in effect been saved and might not be recalled as you remember……unless you did the scene save “store all” and updated that scene as changes are made to your session.

Generally speaking though the console seems to already be in one of the template states….LR probably (setup/mixer config/main….) so to get sound anywhere assign the on button on the channel strip and that should send to the main PA……if you need to check what is patched where, go to the left side of your editor screen select “i/o” and click on either ins or outs it should indicate what’s where on the idr………have the i/p and mix pages opened on the editor, its easier to see…….

On a side note: https://www.ilive-digital.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1288&SearchTerms=internet hummm!!??