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Well… where to start. First off don’t let the fact that it is digital intimidate you it works more or less the same as an analog board. I would check for a GROUP or DCA channel that the CD player level may be controlled by or routed through (in the case of a GROUP). You’re going about it the right way. The only other thing to do is find someone locally that has experience with an iLive to come by and give hands on training. I would call these guys they might be able to help walk you through it over the phone or if they have someone close by schedule some training. https://www.americanmusicandsound.com/ Dave Lewty is a great resource for iLive information there.

I would buy myself a USB stick and learn how to copy shows over to it. That way you can bring the show home with you and look at it on the editor to follow the routing, if you have the permissions to do that.