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I know this may be frowned upon by some especially since this is a site for promotion of a product you are considering but, if you are going to use this mixer with the speaker system shown in some of those pictures. I would consider getting a good well designed and installed (by someone qualified) sound system as part of that plan otherwise an iLive system will be kind of overkill for your system.

Getting a professional in to help give you guidance in this process would be of tremendous help. It needs to be done now while they are still planning. When they start building it will be too late. You need your building designed with sound in mind not just a slapped together box that will have all kinds of acoustical issues. It may work out that you can get your iLive like you want which would be sweet because it is a fabulous piece of equipment and will make a huge difference in your sound, give you a repeatable good sound because you can save your setting plus it will save on the cost of buying outboard gear that you would need to buy with an analog mixer.

Like the others have said you need to be reasonable about this. You are going to be building soon which will mean payments, maintenance etc. You may not be able to dedicate 1/4 of your annual budget to just the mixer. I might suggest an idr16 then later on buy an expansion rack or another idr and using a computer to mix from like others have said. That has some drawbacks but it makes it a more feasible feat.
Good luck to you

FYI Our church has a normal attendance of 900-1000 and it was a tough sell to get an iLive for our church.