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Unfortunately this isn’t very helpful.
we have two fixed racks and one idr10, and possibly we will buy the next ilive 144 very soon.All with madi cards in port b. the setup for splits is connecting port b with port b, for dualrack its port a/b. so the customers who likes to use madi and have a fixed racks are loosed, because this doesn’t work dor dual rack.
whats about a software preference for this setup. in firmware 1.6 it was possible to use port b/b for dualrack, so this must be a matter of software code.
at this moment the customers who pay more because they use idr 10 racks, are the customers with more anger in configure the system to different cases. its hard to explain to a tec use this setup for split, or swap the cards if you like to use dualrack. its a lot of screwing and configuring!!!