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hey Josh, thanks for sharing with us, having been in your situation many times before I can certainly sympathize with your predicament, but, I think you are going about this the wrong way and it might backfire……..

Your presentation will simply overwhelm the layman………there is just too much information for these people to absorb not being audio savvy ……to even think that you would manage to get 20% to 30% of the entire congregation’s yearly budget is presumptuous at best……

If I could suggest another approach…..

A much simpler presentation, no analog/digital debate! you have the pic of what equipment you have next to a spanking new IDR 32-48 and a computer that’s it! replace what you are using now,…….. not what you think you will need should the congregation grow or the service’s musical guests become a bigger draw, that will come by itself, forget about what you want……for now…..you need to get them on your side first and start giving you some funds…….do talk about expansion of your system but stay the course…….what you need is for them to spend a little at a time on your system.let it grow year by year…..it also has to be a realistic portion of the yearly budget……….start with a iDR32-48 ( give them the choice of either one in your presentation 32 is still way more than what you have now) add another idr or xdr the year after or maybe a surface or digital cards for recording etc….

Put it in the yearly budget…..you’ll get a whole lot more mileage……and you wont scare them off with 120 Compressors, Gates, EQs and so on.

my two cents

all the best