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I believe the quick answer is Yes, but no.

With the Dante card, you will be able to route your signals from your Master rack to your Slave Rack (or racks) via the PortB Dante card.
You will also be able to connect the secondary socket on the Dante card straight to a PC or Mac to multitrack.
If you rather have a separate console for broadcast, you will be able to connect to the Dante network as well and pick up those same 64 channels from the Master Rack.
Your question about a 3rd surface is unclear, because you would have to have a third system, with iDR rack and surface for broadcast with Dante card in it as well.
That way all three consoles will have Dante Cards in PortB.
All connect to a Gigabit switch and your multitrack PC as well.
Life is good after that.
Hope this helps

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