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Wouter – sorry yes you are correct – MidiYoke can’t patch ports. You may however be able to install yoke ports with midi OX and patch through it to eliminate feedback? Your set up looks good to get MIDI to/From the mixrack over the LAN though! I achieve it with a second CAT5 run which is just extending a Tascam US122 USB soundcard (audio and Midi)

Re the R72 – I use it heaps on smaller shows, corporate & AV work, split FOH/mon duties, or anywhere space is at a premium. Given that at most events I need a laptop or two for other duties it’s good to have a dedicated sound only mixer. I also need all the R72 local inputs for FOH stereo sources, talkback, phones etc. I have even done a small Theatre show with strip assignments changing with scenes – you can’t easily do all that with a BCF2000/Laptop setup – and of course I can use my Mackie Control/Laptop/Logic environment if I do need extra faders. I think the BCF would be great if you just need some scene safe faders or DCA’s etc – but if you want to work with fader recalls/scenes then you will need full midi duplex without feedback – Let us know if you get that working ok!
I’d be keen to use a BCF with editor if it could be over a wireless LAN also. I have an Apple Airport Express I can use as the iLive wireless router and this also gives the ability to wirelessly stream audio direct to the mixrack (from iTunes or my iPod Touch). Now I can play preshow/interval music from my touch and leave it safe in my pocket! I just gotta remember not to wander off somewhere out of range tho!


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