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Of course all the above hardware you use just to get MIDI to/from the mixrack is a bit of a pain …

True, I admit my list looks as if I’m using a lot of stuff whereas actually it is a pretty simple set-up:

That USB server is such a small thing, my USB-MIDI interface looks like a cable, all I have to do to get things started is connect to the interface, connect the BCF, start MIDI-OX and I’m off :-)

I did some extended tests with interruption of the connection to see what it would take to get things back online after a disruption. Not that much, but more than just plugging in the cable again.

Bottomline I do agree that I think that our friends at A&H would actually benefit (sales) from opening up a little bit on the controller side, but I also see that there is some natural reluctance to doing so. I’ll definitely be checking out their iPad stuff but I also still hope for a editor that allows and supports the use of some established controller platform like the Mackie control for instance. Wouldn’t mind if they would charge something for a “connection pack” to extend the standard editor.

Would also not mind to see a decent sleek USB controller designed to be used with the editor – and maybe a external (touch)screen – attached to the laptop. Then give that USB controller a pricetag of around 2000€ to make it profitable for A&H too but still allowing the poor :-) a ok controller with decent faders and the beloved channel markers and, if possible, meters but (almost) no computer nor touchscreen built in. Then the poor :-) can all decide if they think they need a touchscreen (or use the mouse), and if so, if they want a 15″ or a 24″, whether they want a processor that just meets the required hardware recommendations or the newest processor that makes everything fly…

my 2 cents again :-)
Well, this week, I’ll be using 8 DCA’s on faders at FOH for live finetuning of our scene controlled musical theater show. Nothing fancy but still: WOOHOO :-)

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!