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I just got it all working! This solution however does not really like interruption of the connection so I will only use this with cable, not with Wifi. If I want wireless I think I would invest in something like WIDI. For now, though, editor and MIDI over one and the same cable.

Ingredients (all of these are needed)
– A&H iLive IDR
– a Egosys/ESI MIDIMate II USB-MIDI interface between the USB server and the IDR’s MIDI ports
– a USB server + drivers installed (Sharkoon LANPort 400)
– some meters of LANcable :-)
– my laptop running Windows XP
– MIDI-OX software for the MIDI port routing
– BCF2000 connected via USB to my laptop + drivers installed

I’m not running it full duplex at the moment since it’s to easy to mix up input and output ports with the MIDI interface i’m using and therefore there’s a risk to create MIDI feedback in the MIDI-OX software which is not handled well by that software (it makes everything hang when it happens). I will be testing it also with another MIDI interface that doesn’t have the possibility of using all connectors as INs or OUTs. Might be less tricky.

By the way, I also control my DBX Driverack 260 via the same LAN connection now.

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!