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Personally, I think Dante is going to take longer than people think (it’s been promised for quite a while now), and I need a solution now, not in 1 month, 3 months, after NAMM … etc. Dante will not allow me to get digital information into the system, if we decide to go for the AKG digital mics.

The reason I want to avoid the analogue outputs from the soundcard is latency and the occasional problems we’ve had with Firewire, overheating, etc. The soundcard is an unnecessary link in the chain.

We have considered using iPads to control monitor mixes; it’s not that much of a price difference to the PL10 when you buy smart and in bulk. However, once again, the iPad app is not yet available, and it will always be subject to the whims of wireless ethernet. Additionally, I would really need to lock down the ability of users, so that they can access only their own mixes: not sure that’s really practical at present, and especially not until I’ve seen the iPad app working! I would love to lose the CAT5 cables on the stage – it would be one of the last major ‘clutter’ sources sorted.

I think I’ve learned that although iLive is a great system, we are nowhere near ‘everything talks to everything’. That’s going to take at least another couple of years. Until that time, I can afford the MADI solution, which I think is at least 3 years future-proof, and more expandable than Dante.

And thanks for your answers and input … ;-)