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I have configured BCR2000 for iLive using Learn function.

First 8 rotaries are in 4 layers, so I assigned them to DCAs, AUXes(16) and effect returns. They also work as buttons, so it is easy make them switch between -infinite and 0 dB by pressing, so it works similar to setting mute groups on and off.

Unfortunately, you cannot mute and unmute channel by pressing the same button, so you could assign separate buttons for mute on and off (you have to use note on with different value, perhaps it would be better to engage note on and note off in future MIDI implementations).

I also assigned 24 faders to volumes of first 24 channels. The problem occures when you have stereo paired two channels and still have two rotaries – when you move one of them, the level of both channels is adjusted properly on iLive, but the second one (linked) is not automaticly adjusted and stays at the same level, so if you accidentally touch the second one, the level skips. Please A&H mind that in the next release.

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