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audiolab – this was not a boot order or network problem – it was a mixrack hardware failure.

I have recieved my repaired IDr48 back from service (new DSP board) and found out that the likely reason it failed was because of a rogue washer floating around inside the MixRack! I actually feel some relief at this as it was an explainable mechanical short circuit. This is better than a mixrack DSP that can randomly fail at any time! Don’t have any idea how a washer could get in there -perhaps from manufacture? The unit has been transported in a sealed SKB case all it’s life and has always been transported upright. For a washer to get in it would have to be through a vent or the fan. Oh well – I’m just happy we are running again. Think I will always have a backup mixer plan now though.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd