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do you need to be running a program to get the midi data in and out, or does it simply act as a bridge between connected midi devices (so the USB behringer unit & a USB midi interface at the other pc)?

I’ll be testing that this weekend. I think we’ll need some kind of MIDI forwarding program to connect one MIDI in interface with another MIDI Out on the same computer. In your case MIDI In via IPMIDI and MIDI Out via the Physical MIDI interface.


From what I understand, in mac os X, audio/midi setup page, you can set up a midi network sessions and from there select what interface (s) will be used as midi in and midi out, if you keep using network midi sessions, no extra program should be needed…. using midi monitor https://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/ to “test” this, all behaves as it should, I will try later with a physical midi interface added to the network as well as a idr 32……