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So I’m looking into the iLive system for Church and as far as I’m concerned, it is the best system out there.

As for an idea that I’m sure software should be able to do, which I assume it can’t currently (have heard of it), is using the 8 softkeys as layer selects.
R72 current max I/O = 72, add 8 softkeys @ 12 faders each = max I/O of 168
T80 current max I/O = 80, add 8 softkeys @ 20 faders each = max I/O of 240
T112 current max I/O = 112, add 8 softkeys @ 28 faders each = max I/O of 336

By allowing the use of those soft keys as faders selects, for major productions, this could make the whole system even more wanted (I do realize the r72’s might shoot up a bit and the t112’s down, but not that much as thats a lot of channels for only 12 faders so just not as easy to get to them compared to the t112, but for someone who’s used to it…no problems)

All this would take is allowing the softkeys to have the same options/code as the current layer selects. I doubt it would be too difficult….and its not like a user has to use them…..but if someone needs to expand there board beyond where it can go currently, this update could be very handy!

Something else that I have no experience in though….I’ve got no idea how lighting controllers work, but the interface seems to be very similar from a few that I’ve seen. Would it be possible to have some new cards for the iDR10 that allows inputs for room lighting? With scene selection, you could map the lighting settings to match your scene selects (but of course fairly basic). I know that would be out of the usually A&H products….but the surface is just a surface….its the card (or even a whole new rack) that controls the lights….just a thought….

and last thing…which I did already lol….on the mac version of the editor, make an icon for the program to look like like the ilive :D it looks so much better then the standard apple new program icon. Heres the link to the t80 pic I converted (towards the bottom of the page): https://web.me.com/yeshua11/Joshs_Website/Extras.html

my iLive setup:
offline editor on mac, demo content on ipod touch