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I agree with Lieven. I also was confused by this apparent “problem”. My routing is different, but my confusion was the same. I’m using firmware 1.70.

I apply limiting to an aux bus. That aux feeds remote speakers that are inaccessible to me (don’t ask why…). I can only hear the signal fed to those speakers using PAFL. However, I never could hear via PAFL the limiting on that aux though the surface showed heavy limiting. I became more concerned when I routed this aux to a matrix and I still couldn’t hear limiting anywhere on that matrix though the aux showed heavy limiting.

This situation results in a “trick” the user must remember. The user must remember they either cannot use a limiter within routing though it appears to be available, or cannot trust their ears to set limiting without somehow monitoring the analog output directly, which may or may not be practical, or remember the only way to PAFL the limited signal is to hold the SEL button within the limiting section. Without this foreknowledge, the user will be disappointed or sorely surprised because they believe they’re applying limiting and discover they’re really not, or conversely be frustrated because they cannot hear the effects of limiting though the surface is clearly announcing otherwise.

A&H, can you somehow make it more apparent so the user may understand the limiter’s functionality, by way of the touchscreen and Editor for example?