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Your quote explains the routing for delay but i am talking about limiting. I see in the release notes that mix limiter changed to post fader so the limiter follows the fader. But my faders were all about zero and there was no limiting. Let me explain what i tested.
cd on an input fader on zero normal level readings on input. input routed to stereo group, stereo group routed to main. Now if i engage limit on the master or input and a fully limit i see and hear limiting. if i engage compression on subgroup and compress fully i see and hear compression. But if i engage limit on the subgroup and fully limit i see limit on the leds i hear limit when i press limit select button on my R72 screen but i don’t hear limit on the main.
So when limiting is post fader and al my faders are about zero i should hear limiting on the main? And why do i hear the compression but not the limiting?
Final question. How can i limit a group? (brass section ) Not that i ever want to do that but it was a BE who asked why the group did not limit even if the screen indicates limiting. very confusing. If it is not possible to limit a group it should be removed from the group screen


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