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Sam, or any A&H guy really.

I just got a very similar config to Bill here a t112/idr32 and a t80/idr16. Same deal 112 at foh and 80 at monitors.

I think the control of the analog gain in a mic split situation is kind of a setback.

We recently did a show with 3 supporting acts to the headliner, who used more than enough of my idr32 that I had to use the inputs on the idr16. This made for a real Pain in the A$$ scenario, trying to control the gains from the Monitor desk as I had no Mon Engineer while I was running FOH. I ran Monitors for the Headliner in case you were wondering.

Is it possible we could see the ability for the surfaces to control connected mix racks in the future?

I guess with the release of the ipad app any day that makes it possible for control from there, the editor is not exactly user friendly in a “oh god I have 5 mins to line check!” scenario.

Just wondering.

Stephen Tyler
Coordinator of Technical Operations
iLive T-112/iDR-32; T-80/iDR-16; iPhone; iPad