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I had the same problem the first time i used my R72 with the IDR48 rack (been using it only with the IDR16) . these are my addresses : IDR48 : 1 , T112 : 2 and 3 ( surface and screen) IDR16 : 4, R72 : 5 and 6 , laptop 10. Every time you startup the surface tries to connect to the last connected IDR (with it’s address ). So when i used the IDR48 instead of the IDR16 the surface was looking for address 4(IDR16) instead of 1(IDR48), so could not connect. When you get the not connected screen there you can change to which IDR you want to connect instead of the default ( i think that the available IDR is displayed ). you simply select the IDR and the surface restarts and connect to that IDR. Off coarse if you try to connect to the other rack later you have to do the same routine. You don’t have to do that when you use the same addresses(1,2 and 3) for both systems but then you cannot use the dual rack mode because every device needs a unique address on the net. So it’s best to give all your devices a unique address anyhow.

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